Everything We Do Is For Our Patients

There is just something special about hearing from our patients in their own words, and seeing the joy on their face when they talk about their children:

Patient Stories

Read the stories of how previous patient’s visit to Hope changed everything and gave them courage to choose life!

Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie and her sonWhen I first found out I was pregnant again, I was overwhelmed and scared about what impact this would have on my life. I was also excited. It was a weird mix of emotions.

I was overwhelmed because I already had two young boys, so the financial aspect of how to care for another child was definitely a factor in my fear and apprehension about another pregnancy. Felipe and I wanted to provide well for our family, and trying to figure out how a third child would affect our future was definitely making us uneasy.

My visit to Hope Women’s Centers helped me realize that another life was a blessing from God, not a burden. After talking with a wise, caring counselor, I could see that everything happens for a reason. If God had blessed our family with another child, then He would provide for us and take care of our family.
The day we had the ultrasound and saw Elijah’s heart beating so strong on that screen made Felipe and I both so sure that we wanted this baby! From that point, there was no more talk of abortion, and we allowed ourselves to get excited about this new creation that was growing inside of me!

I am so glad that Hope Women’s Centers is there to be a support to young women who are facing difficult decisions about their pregnancies. They certainly have helped me by encouraging me with their words and by equipping me with the facts I needed to choose life!

Sonia’s Story

Sonia and her sonI had a baby that was 6 months old. I lived with the baby’s father and we were struggling to make ends meet. Then I started to feel like I might be pregnant again. That scared me a lot. I started to worry about what I was going to do. We could hardly take care of one baby; how in the world could we deal with another one so soon? I hoped I was wrong. I just put it out of my mind and didn’t say anything to my friends, my family, or my boyfriend. I was so scared about what he would say when he found out.

Finally, I started to show, and our relationship was in constant turmoil. He was angry that I had waited so long to “deal with the situation.” I knew I could not depend on him to be there for me or for the baby. I didn’t know what to do.

I went to Hope Women’s Centers to talk to a counselor about my situation. Having already given birth to a child, I really didn’t think I could go through with an abortion. But I didn’t see any way that I could have another baby, either. My counselor talked to me about making an adoption plan for my baby. She encouraged me to give him the gift of life, just like I had done for my other baby. She talked to me about giving this new baby the gift of a stable family who could love and care for a child. She encouraged me that adoption was a very difficult choice, but she helped me see that it would be a much better choice for my baby than having an abortion.
Hope referred me to a wonderful adoption agency who helped me find a wonderful family for my baby. I chose a semi-open adoption, which means I get pictures of him and letters from the family, telling me how he is doing. This really helps me deal with the emotions I have regarding the adoption. When I am calm and thinking straight, I know adoption was my best choice. When I am emotional and upset, sometimes I question my decision. Seeing pictures of my son with his new family, and seeing how happy and well-cared for he is really helps me be at peace with the decision I made.

I just want to say thank you so much to Hope Women’s Centers for understanding my decision and for supporting me through it. Many people didn’t understand, but the women at Hope have been strong supporters of my choice and are still there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand.

Chelsey’s Story

Chelsey and her daughterWhen I first suspected that I might be pregnant, I was shocked. I didn’t want to believe that this was happening to me. I was already a single mom, and my daughter and I live with my 87 year old grandmother and I take care of her. My daughter is the joy of my grandmother’s life, but I didn’t know how she would feel about a new baby in the house.

The biggest pressure I faced was the worry about where I would live and how I would manage financially with a second child. I was thinking that maybe getting an abortion would be the easiest solution to my problem.

When I went to Hope Women’s Centers, I felt what you might call a very positive “vibe.” The women there were so kind and supportive. They took the time to calmly talk to me about the ways that abortion can impact your life, and encouraged me to get all the facts before I made a decision.

I did think carefully about what I was going to do, and I decided to go back and have the ultrasound that they offered to me. It was about a month after I had the pregnancy test. Seeing that ultrasound convinced me that I would choose life for my baby, no matter what. Her heart was beating, her arms and legs were moving! It was incredible.

Jessica’s Story

Jessica and her daughterI panicked when I first thought I might be pregnant. There was no way that I could have a baby. I was struggling and could hardly take care of myself. I couldn’t even imagine adding the stress of a pregnancy and then a baby. I had to find a place to get an abortion.

I didn’t have a job and I didn’t have a place to live. I was getting out of a difficult relationship and was depending on friends for temporary food and shelter. I had grown up in the church, and in my desperation, I cried out to God to rescue me from the mistakes I had made.

Now I know He heard my prayers and he directed me to Hope Women’s Centers instead of to an abortion clinic. The first day I met with the counselor at Hope, I was scared and I felt so alone. She listened to me, and then we talked about God’s plan for my life and for the life of the baby I carried. Even though I was trying to run away from God and solve my problem by myself, I knew that the words she was speaking to me were true. She reminded me that God never makes mistakes, and that even though this baby was a surprise to me, it was not a surprise to God! Through that wise counseling and encouragement, I found the courage to choose life for my baby.

I want to thank everyone at Hope for their help and support. My life didn’t magically change overnight, and I am still dealing with consequences of choices I made while I was far from God, but the relationship I have with my new friends at Hope Women’s Centers has been a great source of encouragement and support and has helped me keep a positive outlook. They really cared about me when I needed a friend.

Yakini’s Story

yakani_storyOne of my greatest fears was what my parents were going to think about me getting pregnant – especially my Dad.

When I went to Hope, they gave me lots of helpful information…not just about having a baby, but about abortion and adoption, too.
I realized that there were lots of options for me and that I could make a choice that would work best for me and my family.
Giving life to Dekota helped me understand that this unplanned pregnancy wasn’t the end of my dreams – it was just the beginning of a new chapter. I still can achieve my career goals and still fulfill my purpose in life…and Dekota has given me even more inspiration and reason to succeed!