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Broward County encompasses 1,220 square miles of what some would describe as Paradise. Twenty-three miles of sandy beaches form our east coast, and 734 square miles of the largest remaining subtropical wilderness in the United States lies to our west in the Florida Everglades.

Broward County is called “the Venice of the Americas”, well-known for its waterways, towering palm trees, white sand beaches and glamorous nightlife and is home to:

  • 1.8 million people
  • 4,120 restaurants
  • 63 golf courses
  • 288 parks
  • 146 nightclubs
  • 23 known abortion clinics

In 1987, a small group of concerned Christians opened the doors of Broward’s very first pregnancy clinic, offering alternatives to women who were facing unplanned pregnancies. Since that time we have prayed for God to help us save lives in Broward County. Today, we are a trusted source for helping women make informed pregnancy decisions. We offer free and confidential medical services at multiple locations, equipping and encouraging women to choose life.

Our beaches and our boat shows are world famous, but our abundance of abortion clinics is a little-known fact.

Today, nearly 1 in 3 pregnancies in Broward County ends in abortion.

In 2017, there were 7,486 abortions reported for Broward, a decrease of nearly 5,000 abortions two years prior. Because of the suppport of our faithful donors, we know HOPE is a part of that decrease. There were 16,456 live births.

Broward County may be a fun place to live, work, and play – but the sad truth is that the lives of 21 precious babies are terminated every day at abortion clinics in the neighborhoods where we live, work, and play.

Join HOPE. Help us reach more women and men seeking abortions in Broward County with God’s love and the truth about their options.

Give today and help save a life.

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