Watch for Life | #iraisehope2021

While we are still in the midst of the COVID season, we are putting a brief pause on our traditional Walk For Life that is usually held in the fall, and in its place, we are bringing the message of HOPE to phone and laptop screens everywhere!

Our new event Watch For Life is our spring fundraising event taking place from Saturday, April 24 to Saturday, May 1 and our goal is to raise $50,000 to keep saving lives, mother, father, and child alike!

Join us in Raising Hope

Need Some ideas?

Don’t overthink your video content. Just be YOU! Some examples of videos could include you and your family or friends singing, dancing, cooking, baking, running, biking, working out, jump roping, hiking, playing games, making your baby laugh, etc. Have fun, just make sure we can SEE you in your I raise hope by ______ t-shirt. Make sure to share why Hope Women’s Centers is an organization you support and invite friends to donate $25 or more with this link.

Again, thank you so much for participating in this event and we look forward to seeing what God is going to do through this effort!

Get Creative and Make It FUN!

Play Video

Are There Prizes? 

We will provide prizes for people who have the best videos by category: 

  • Funniest video
  • Best family video
  • Most adorable video
  • Most creative video
  • Most athletic video
The top video in each of these categories will win a $50 gift card!
Make sure you tag your video to our social media with the hashtag #iraisehope2021 and invite your friends to donate $25 on our website!
When it comes to video content ideas, don’t make it complicated, but just keep it fun and simple. You could be doing a silly dance or a touching video of you and your family! Maybe you can even find a way to put the t-shirt on your dog and make a cute dog video.

We do ask two things: 

  • You or someone you know is wearing the t-shirt in the video
  • Avoid talking about abortion or politics (try to keep it fun and light!)

Share Why You Raise Hope

You can pick up your FREE t-shirt at any of our clinics during their designated distribution times. Those times and locations are as follows:

Call 954-372-7089 to gain entry into the center. Additional t-shirts will cost $10 each.