Discover Hope Today

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Discover Hope Today

“Where there’s HOPE, there’s LIFE. It fills us with FRESH COURAGE and makes us STRONG” – Anne Frank Anne Frank was only 15 years only when she died of Typhus in a Nazi concentration camp on March 12th, 1945. Yet, despite her age, her wisdom went far beyond her years. You may not be in a concentration camp, but I can almost guarantee, at one time or another, you’ve felt trapped, stuck, or confused.  Inevitably, that led you to feeling hopeless. Hope is something we …

Inspired and Everything Changed

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Aspen's Story

Aspen always wanted her own family, so when she learned her pregnancy test was positive, she was elated.  Initially, she wasn’t really concerned with much but as her pregnancy progressed things proved to be more challenging than she anticipated. She battled with knowing if she’d be able to care for her baby. She also battled depression. But, she remembered what her Client Advocate reminded told her: “once you hold your little one for the first time everything will change.” Aspen agreed, “it did” she told …

Informed Decision

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Patient Story

Like so many of our other patients, when Kylie first came to Hope she was in denial. She didn’t believe she was really pregnant. Kylie was concerned about not being able to live life to the fullest extent because of this pregnancy. She was also concern about not being able to go to school and being able to travel. In addition to these concerns, she was afraid of being shamed and being a disappointment to her family. Kylie had a lot of apprehension. She said …

Discovering Joy in the Journey

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Discover Joy in the Journey

She’d lost nearly everything: her father-in-law, her husband, her status as a married woman, her ability to have children (for the foreseeable future), and even her homeland. She left it all behind. Maybe staying in her homeland and house was too much to bear. Maybe seeing the same people was just too painful. If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you know the pain of facing those social circles. It’s awkward, hard, and even harder to accept your newfound reality. This was where Ruth found …

Dark Before Dawn

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Darkness Before Dawn

Brianna is not new to the single mom scene. Brianna first discovered us 10 years ago when she found herself in an unplanned pregnancy. She carried her first child to term. However, after her first child Brianna found herself in another unplanned pregnancy which she terminated. Almost 10 years after her first visit, Brianna came back for counseling for another unplanned pregnancy. Brianna said she was, “overwhelmed, nervous and happy since it was her first child [she’d be carrying to term] in 10 years.” Of …