Such a Sad Day

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Women protesting outside of Hope

Today history was made at Hope Women’s Centers as we became the target of an organized protest. From 11am-1pm today, a small crowd gathered outside our new Ft. Lauderdale Clinic with signs, bullhorns, and false accusations. Our Center Director faced them with calmness, with grace, and extended kindness to them – even offering bottles of water. When she left the reception room to get the water, they ducked out the door. No conversation. Later in the day, we found these photos online and as I looked …

Sanctity of Life

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Sanctity of Life 2017

A History of the Sanctity of Human Life The history of the story of life is an exciting story of God creating life and enacting a plan to rescue people and save them for Himself. When people reject God, there is death, war, and brokenness. When people follow God, there is LIFE, peace, and joy. In today’s world, one of the areas where this theme is most obvious is abortion. Since the United States Supreme Court ruled to make abortion legal in 1973, over 60 …

Target Practice

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    Identifying Our Mission Field Broward County is home to 23 known abortion clinics. We are one of the highest abortion-impact communities in the nation. Identifying our mission field is not difficult. Last year alone more than 12,000 abortions were reported in our county. Based on the economics of running an abortion clinic, many experts feel these numbers may be highly under-reported, possibly reflecting only those abortions that are paid for by check or credit card, which leaves a paper trail, unlike cash transactions …