“It’s Too Early”

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Michelle’s Story

“It’s too early.” Michelle told us. She already had a one-year old son at home, and the thought of another baby seemed too overwhelming. Michelle had no family support. During her time at Hope, Michelle’s Patient Advocate encouraged her by saying that having siblings often is easier than just having one child. Michelle said her Patient Advocate made a big impression on her which helped Michelle know things were going to be okay. Michelle came back for an ultrasound. In Michelle’s culture, they called a baby that …

She is

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She is

She is your boss, your neighbor, your friend. She wonders why and how she could put a life to an end. She was not in a good spot financially when she decided. Suddenly, she realized the lies she believed she’d been blind-sided.   She’s held this secret for far too long. Silence is her cover and also her drinking song. She cannot speak of the event that caused her excruciating pain… The day that her baby was slain.   She walks around feeling not even …

History of the Story of Life

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History of the story of life.

At Hope, we believe that all human life is of inestimable worth and significant in all its stages, including pre-born babies, the elderly, the physically or mentally challenged, and every other stage or condition from conception through natural death. We believe that there is a divine purpose and plan for every person that is conceived. We are dedicated as an organization to defend, protect, and value all human life, according to Psalm 139. Historical Timeline The history of the story of life is an exciting story …

Serving With Compassion

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Everything We Do At Hope Women's Centers Is For Our Patients.

On November 8th, the Miami Herald published an op-ed article about “anti-abortion clinics.” They described places where women are shamed, lied to, forced to undergo biased counseling and religious seminars, and given inaccurate medical advice. This article was fueled by outrage over the fact that a bill has been introduced in the Florida Legislature (HB 41) to fund pregnancy medical clinics and pregnancy resource centers with taxpayer dollars. I, too, am outraged that any organization would shame women, lie to them, force them to hear/do/say anything, …

Father of Two

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Father of two

We see God move in the lives of our patients everyday and we are excited to see more men than ever before accompanying their partners to our centers. We are developing our men’s ministry called Men of Hope where male volunteers will be in our centers available to meet with the young men that come with their partners. Studies have shown that the most influential person on a woman’s decision to carry or abort is the baby’s father, so it is crucial to involve him in the decision-making process. …