Giving All Options

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Dominique's Story

When Dominique came to us this year, she was already a single mom to a one-year old baby boy. On top of that, she had been to our centers before. She was overwhelmed and struggling. She had not been with the father of the baby for a while. She was shocked by her pregnancy. Although the father of the baby was somewhat supportive, he was seeing other women. Dominique did not have much support from, not only the father of the baby, but also her …

Mom I’m Pregnant

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Mom, I am Pregnant

You see your daughter’s number on the caller ID and you happily reach for the phone. She is a busy college student, and the calls are not as frequent as they were in her freshman year. After you say hello, there is a pause. Then she says, “Mom, are you sitting down?” Your mother’s intuition kicks in and you immediately know this is not going to be a good phone call. You tell yourself, “Get a grip. She says, “Mom, I’m pregnant.” She is pregnant! You …

Single Mom with Positive Pregnancy Test

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Single Mom with Positive Pregnancy Test

Already a single mother of three girls, Andrea came to Hope Women’s Centers desiring a negative pregnancy test and as she explained: When I found out my pregnancy test was positive, I was very scared and at first I felt alone. Worried about having a “better career for additional finances, having an additional child to take care of and not sleeping already,” Andrea was facing many pressures. When asked how her visit to Hope influenced her decision, Andrea stated, My counselor reminded me that everything …

Parenting Digital Natives

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Parenting Digital Natives

As we are sure you recognize by now, PARENTS: your child/teen lives in a world that is very different from when you were growing up. To the parents born prior to the widespread use of digital technology (known as a digital immigrant), parenting digital natives can at times seem overwhelming. For example, how do you protect your child from harmful websites while allowing them online to do their homework? Is it wrong to give your child their own digital device in elementary and middle school? Who is your teen …