Discovering Kindness

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Discover Kindness

I had just gotten home from work and was feeling worn out, weary, tired of fighting. The emotional accompaniment of loss was like a heavy bag I constantly carry. Suddenly, I spotted a package on my bed. Immediately, I dropped my stuff and opened it. Inside the package was a book, a letter from my dear friend and a ring. The gift was so thought-out, intentional, and just enough of a boost to help me keep fighting. And the ring? Its my daily reminder to …

Discover Volunteering

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Volunteer at Hope Women's Centers

There are so many places to volunteer, helping with the many needs locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. We believe that volunteering at Hope is a great decision and is incredibly rewarding. Our volunteers along with our staff meet with women and men in their most vulnerable moments. Patients arrive at our centers often feeling overwhelmed, anxious, confused, and scared. We use trained volunteers and staff to meet each patient, offering them hope, sharing truth, and educating them about their options so they can make informed decisions regarding their unplanned …