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I was young but I knew better. I was told to not get a girl pregnant and I never thought I would. But then I met her. I thought she was hot. The evening was going great. We had sex after drinks. We became close and started going out. We were on cloud nine. We didn’t think anything of what we had or what we were doing. We always used protection. I was getting my needs met and she was just as happy as I …

Father of Two

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Father of two

We see God move in the lives of our patients everyday and we are excited to see more men than ever before accompanying their partners to our centers. We are developing our men’s ministry called Men of Hope where male volunteers will be in our centers available to meet with the young men that come with their partners. Studies have shown that the most influential person on a woman’s decision to carry or abort is the baby’s father, so it is crucial to involve him in the decision-making process. …