A Couple Chooses Life

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Who We Serve

Our patients are the reason Hope Women’s Centers exists and we want to share a very special patient story – Maria and Jared’s story. We hope this story encourages you and if you partner with us, we hope you see how your involvement with Hope is directly making a difference for life! “When my pregnancy test was positive, the first emotion I felt was FEAR. I wondered how this would affect my future. I wondered how I would finish college and get my degree. I couldn’t …

5 Years Later – A Patient’s Update

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5 Years Later – A Patient’s Update

Over five years ago, a beautiful young couple named Samantha and Alexander (pictured below) walked into the doors of one of our medical centers with an important decision to make. Not sure what to do having recently discovered they were pregnant, they sat with one of our counselors. Hear their original story: HERE. Since coming to Hope as a patient, Alexander has worked tirelessly developing his recording career and has worked to help other women and men in similar situations. In his song “Benefits of Love,” Alexander wrote …

14 and Pregnant – What Does a Parent Do?

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14 and Pregnant

“Mom I had sex last night and I am afraid I could be pregnant,” says your 14 year old daughter. Words that every parent fears. What in the world do you do? The discussion of old has been resolved. Thanks to technology we no longer have to wonder. Science now backs it = life begins at conception. If you believe that life begins at conception, what do you say to your 14-year daughter who said she had sex last night and is worried she may be pregnant? Any parent would …

8 Strategies to Tame Triggers of After Abortion Pain

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8 Strategies to Tame Triggers of After Abortion - Hope Women's Centers

Knowing what triggers are and how they may affect you is half the battle.  We believe men and women can experience healing but often triggers are a very real struggle when dealing with the unexpected effects of an abortion(s). In this second guest blog in the two-part series on triggers of abortion and how to deal with them, Sydna Masse highlights eight ways to help handle triggers that occur due to the pain of abortion.  “It’s my baby’s due date next week, Sydna,” the writer outlined. “How do I …

8 Common Triggers of After Abortion Pain

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8 Common Triggers - Hope Women's Centers

It is important to highlight the triggers that are attached to an abortion experience. In this two-part series guest blog, we will address what triggers are and in the next blog we will look at ways to address triggers. We believe having this information can help women and men who have experienced an abortion(s) in their past as well as help their loved ones understand. Originally appearing on Sydna Masse’s Blog, we hope this guest blog will inform, encourage, and empower you and your loved ones in living …