Single Mom with Positive Pregnancy Test

Already a single mother of three girls, Andrea came to Hope Women’s Centers desiring a negative pregnancy test and as she explained:

When I found out my pregnancy test was positive, I was very scared and at first I felt alone.

Worried about having a “better career for additional finances, having an additional child to take care of and not sleeping already,” Andrea was facing many pressures. When asked how her visit to Hope influenced her decision, Andrea stated,

My counselor reminded me that everything was going to be okay and reminded me that my faith in God was a support to me. Babies are a blessing.

Thinking of my children is what helped me to have the courage to choose life. They mean the world to me and I am all they have. When I think of my experience at Hope,  I think of how they also offered to pray with me and listen to my situation and I really needed that.

Andrea brought her girls back for us to meet them and to introduce us to baby Melody. We hope her story encourages your heart and that you are able to see how our work at Hope Women’s Centers is vital to women and men choosing life for their unborn children.

Many women like Andrea (and men) need a safe place where they can process their thoughts, goals and dreams, while having someone validate their fears and encourage their desires. For many, our patients simply do not have anyone in their life routinely encouraging and equipping them towards any healthy and positive actions.

To come alongside a women or man to meet them exactly where they are, not where we wish for them to be is why we have been so successful serving those that come to our medical centers. We use empowering methods of care, to move a patient’s thought process from “I can’t” or  “I don’t know how” to “I can” and “I will be able to with help.” Thank you to those that have given your time to meet with our patients, the finances to support our patients, and the prayers over our patients. It makes ALL the difference!

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Single Mom with Positive Pregnancy Test

*Story and pictures shared with permission.

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