Abortion Recovery: Get Support From People Who Care

Very few women and men walk away from an abortion experience without regret or remorse. It was supposed to be a quick fix – the only way to keep your life on track…but as hard as you try, the memories won’t stay buried. The broken places in your life keep surfacing. The “freedom to choose” isn’t producing a feeling of freedom at all.

Are you suffering from Post-Abortion Stress?

You may have made your choice willingly, without any hang ups or second thoughts. Or you might have felt pressured by other people that you care about and respect. Maybe you felt like it was your only option. In either case, you made a choice. But you had no idea how that choice would affect you.

You are not alone. Millions of women and men have found true freedom and healing from the pain of their abortions. Hope Women’s Centers is a safe place where you can talk about your feelings. There are many women on our team who have had abortions and they can understand exactly how you are feeling.

It’s time to choose again – to make a choice to heal, to become strong, to be redeemed and restored. We know that the choice to go back and think about that difficult time of your life is not easy. But your physical and emotional health is worth it.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

We are here to help. We offer a confidential, non-judgmental environment in which you can begin the healing process. We will support you as you seek to understand the circumstances, thoughts, and emotions that surrounded your abortion(s). We provide a safe place for you to be honest about your experience and the impact it has had on your life.  We know, we been there, it’s hard – but YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Although all women and men who experience abortion do not experience problems afterwards, many women and men do. Immediately following an abortion, you may feel a sense of relief that the crisis is over. After the abortion, the sense of relief may be replaced by some of the following:

  • Depression
  • Sadness
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of low self-esteem
  • Desire to avoid pregnant women and/or babies
  • Recurring nightmares or flashbacks to the abortion experience
  • Various types of addictive behaviors

Many credible studies have been done and psychologists are now recognizing PAS (Post-Abortion Stress) as a type of post-traumatic stress disorder.

At Hope Women’s Centers, we have trained life coaches who can help you work through issues that you may not even know are related to a past abortion(s).

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Chaina and Michelle share their abortion stories on a panel at New Life Baptist Church in Davie, FL. Hear how abortion affected each woman differently and how each came to a point of healing from their abortion. There is hope after an abortion.

We thank Pastor Mark Coleman and New Life Baptist Church for having us and being willing to facilitate a hard and honest conversation so that truth may be heard.

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