One Thing Everyone Wanted For Me

It is a beautiful thing to read the words straight from a previous patient. Every patient story is unique, bringing an experience, a past, or a current situation that encourages or discourages a women to want to choose life for their unborn child.

Our job is to encourage and equip each woman and each man with all the resources available to them so that they can make an informed decision – that is our mission. We do not want our patients to echo so many from the generation before with the words “I didn’t know.” We see each one of our patients as a divine God opportunity to share His love and His provision with each woman and man if they want to hear.

Listen to the words of previous patient Sara as she shares about where she was coming from and what her thoughts were as a patient.

I was angry when I found out I was pregnant. The father of the baby and I had just gotten back together. No one was happy about this. My cousin and the father of the baby’s family all wanted me to get an abortion.

I faced a lot of pressure, such as: if the father of the baby and I would stay together, complications with insurance, and where we would live. Everyone I talked with wanted one thing for me: abortion.

But my visit to Hope was life changing. During the ultrasound, I saw my baby’s heartbeat. Suddenly, the father of my baby began to cry. He wanted to keep the baby. Seeing the heartbeat and seeing my boyfriend cry gave me the courage to carry to term.

The father of the baby and I are now married, and we have a beautiful daughter named Layla, who is now three. We are now expecting their second child!

One Thing Everyone WantedToday, Layla is a beautiful little girl that we had the blessing of seeing. Our patients are flat out heroes fighting for their unborn children despite what their loved ones believe. It is not easy to take a strong stand against what your family wants for you especially with minimal resources.

We are so thankful for our Partners in Hope, those that commit to pray for us, and those that give of their time and their finances to help more moms and dads to meet their unborn children.

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