New Decision, New Life

Fernande had been in this predicament before.  She was already the mother of a seven-year-old girl.

She found herself in another unplanned pregnancy a few years after her first pregnancy and her parents told her to abort or to move out. She was scared. Without the help of her parents, she would be homeless. Due to the pressure from her parents, she aborted.

When Fernande came back for this pregnancy test, she was worried and scared because she was still living with her parents. But, she felt disgusted with herself for her abortion. She said she wanted to end her life because she had no right to end her baby’s life.

Learning of her newest pregnancy, she was determined to keep her baby – even if she became homeless. She couldn’t bring herself to abort again – even with the challenges.

She said the father was a positive influence and he agreed that she couldn’t have an abortion. Fernande said Hope was very helpful and she loves that the staff was willing to pray with her.

“I didn’t feel like another patient, Hope cares.”

Every patient has a different background and comes with an experience that either helps or hinders them from making a decision for life for their unborn children. No matter their past, we are here for each patient and we are quick to say that there IS hope after abortion. Hope Restored for women and Men of Hope for Men are specific programs designed to help those that have experienced abortions in their past, helping them to find freedom and forgiveness. For more information concerning these programs, contact HopeRestored@thereishope.org or call 954-372-7089.

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