Living Without Regret

Although Whitney was unsure about possibly being pregnant, she found herself happy knowing her test came back positive.

Whitney, although happy, still struggled with knowing how to financially provide for her new baby. There was already another baby and a 5-year-old at home.  But, Whitney didn’t want to live with more regret. She wanted to make a good decision. Whitney said the prayer time really helped influence her decision to keep her baby.

Whitney said she received good information at Hope. She recently brought her beautiful baby boy to our annual photo shoot and told us the people at Hope are very nice.


Directly help local women live without regrets.

Your leftover change can save lives! Become a Life Changer by filling up a baby bottle with coins, cash, and/or checks and bring it to one of our centers. We use the money towards the cost of a patient, which helps us keep all of our services and resources to patients free of charge. Patients don’t find any hidden costs at Hope Womens Centers.

It costs approximately $400 for us to take one woman through all services at Hope including a pregnancy test, options counseling, ultrasound, community and doctor referrals, necessary paperwork to begin the process of medical insurance, and other needed referrals. $400 = 8 bottles filled on average.


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