Administrative Assistant Director | Job Description

General Description

The Administrative Assistant of Hope Women’s Centers has the primary functions of providing coverage at the front desk as it relates to answering phones, greeting people who come into the office, performing general office procedures and operating the computer as it is needed to complete tasks that relate to this position and serving as assistant to the Executive Director.

The Administrative Assistant is an integral part of the Administrative Support Team. While each member of the team has unique responsibilities, the team as a whole serves as a support base for the pregnancy medical clinics.

This position is a NONEXEMPT position and will be subject to an hourly wage. It can be full-time or part-time, according to a regular schedule established by the Executive Director.


The Administrative Assistant will be under the supervision of the Executive Director. There will be a yearly written and oral evaluation as well as regular meetings.


  1. Be a committed Christian who has and demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, as defined in the Bible.
  2. Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the pro-life position, to sexual purity, and to complete confidentiality.
  3. Sign prior to being hired that you agree with and will uphold the Statement of Faith, the Statement on Marriage and Sexuality, the Statement on the Family, and our Statement of Principle and Core Values.
  4. Agree with and uphold the Policies and Procedures of the organization as outlined in the most current edition of the board-approved Policies and Procedures Manual.
  5. Be an active affiliate of a local Bible-believing church, and provide a pastor reference along with the employment application.
  6. Have knowledge of office procedures and general management of an office.
  7. Have knowledge of general accounting procedures and basic computer operations; proficiency in Microsoft Office Programs Outlook, MSWord, MS Excel, and MS Publisher required.
  8. Have good organizational skills and good keyboarding ability.
  9. Must demonstrate the ability to handle multiple projects, stay on task, and maintain healthy relationships with other staff.
  10. Must demonstrate spiritual maturity and emotional health.
  11. Must be self-motivated and demonstrate promptness, dependability, and strength in following through with details and tasks.
  12. Employees are required to participate in and/or lead staff devotional times, prayer times, and Bible studies as requested.

Responsibilities: General

  1. To make prayer an integral part of daily life, both in practice and by example.
  2. To understand that Hope Women’s Centers is a Christian organization and that the employees and volunteers of Hope Women’s Centers act in a role similar to that of ministers, missionaries, and Bible teachers.
  3. To follow policies and procedures to ensure consistent operations in all centers.


  1. Have general knowledge about the programs and services we offer to clients.
  2. Greet people who come into the Administrative Office
  3. Answer phones and take messages in an efficient, friendly manner, screening calls for the Administrative Office Staff.
  4. Handle the daily mail. Forward mail to appropriate persons.
  1. Prepare office and duplicate materials for monthly staff meetings, as requested by the Executive Director.
  2. Assist other Administrative Office Staff with projects as needed.

Office Procedures and Supplies:

  1. Care for basic office equipment (copier, postage machine, folding machine, fax machine, phones, and computers). Know where manuals are and who we call for repairs.
  2. Prioritize workload and be able to work independently.
  3. Keep an adequate inventory of supplies on hand for the Administrative office and place orders/shop when needed.

Volunteer Orientation Administration:

  1. Take call-in registrations, and keep an up-to-date shared online listing for the Volunteer Orientations.
  2. Conduct in-house training for volunteers who want to help with administration.


  1. Conduct business matters in a timely and efficient, professional manner.
  2. Oversee maintenance, repairs and cleaning of Administrative Office.
  3. Be able to communicate the mission and vision of Hope Women’s Centers.
  4. Promote and participate in all fundraising events.
  5. Advise Executive Director of any problem or potential problems observed.

The role of the Client Services Director furthers the mission of Hope Women’s Centers by encouraging and equipping women to make informed decisions regarding unplanned pregnancies, and by ensuring that the love of God is shown in word and deed as the mission is carried out by performing the duties outlined in this job description.      

Please read Hope’s Statement of Faith prior to applying.

Hope’s Employment Policies

As stated in the Policies and Procedures Manual, Part I, Page 2, Hope Women’s Centers does not enter into employment contracts with its employee or volunteers. This Policies and Procedures Manual is not a contract, and it can be changed at any time. Hope Women’s Centers recognizes the right of its employees and volunteers to terminate their employment/volunteer relationship with Hope Women’s Centers at any time for any reason. Similarly, Hope Women’s Centers reserves the right to terminate its employment and/or volunteer relationship with any employee or volunteer at any time for any reason.

The above job descriptions are not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, skills, efforts, requirements or working conditions associated with the job. While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, Hope Women’s Centers reserves the right to revise the job or to require that other or different tasks be performed as assigned.