Jamie’s Story

When Jamie came into hope, she was in for a big surprise. Not only was she pregnant, but she was 20 weeks pregnant. On top of that, her ultrasound revealed that she was carrying TWINS!

Jamie said, “no one ever is ready for the responsibility of rearing another life, let alone two! But, I was excited for the blessing. However, when I couldn’t comprehend the results from my ultrasound, the nurse, Jennifer, was so compassionate and kind. A year later, I still remember how that experience.”

Jamie told us that the one thing that gave her the courage to choose life for her twin girls was that she knew one day her babies would change the world.

When asked about her experience about Hope she said, “It’s in the title. Hope Women’s Centers gives women hope when they need it in an otherwise confusing, exciting and unknown situation.

We will never forget what happened at Hope. Hope does amazing work!

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