Inspired and Everything Changed

Aspen always wanted her own family, so when she learned her pregnancy test was positive, she was elated.  Initially, she wasn’t really concerned with much but as her pregnancy progressed things proved to be more challenging than she anticipated. She battled with knowing if she’d be able to care for her baby. She also battled depression.

But, she remembered what her Client Advocate reminded told her: “once you hold your little one for the first time everything will change.” Aspen agreed, “it did” she told us.

Every one of our patients comes to us with different backgrounds and desires, and every patient is on a different path. When we meet with patients, we provide welcoming and calm environments for them to receive services and information, helping the chaos and confusion in their lives to minimize for them to make informed decisions. Our Core Values drive us to excellently serve each patient with Truth, encouragement, accurate medical information, needed referrals, and medical services.

“I only ever thought of life for my child, but I want to thank Hope for showing me the brightness of having a baby and being a mother. They gave me the confidence I needed and the moment I saw my baby, I was in love.”

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