Hope Not Lost

Patients often come to Hope Women’s Centers in a state of brokenness by past decisions. It is not uncommon to see young women that have made repeated patterns of bad life choices and their positive pregnancy test feels like the ultimate fail, breaking the last few parts of their spirit. Often overwhelmed by unstable home lives, shaky relationships, little to no financial resources and pressures from parents and/or their partners to abort, many of the women find it difficult to look beyond their current situation to even imagine a brighter season.

Making a decision about their pregnancy is understandably overwhelming and it is the time spent with their counselors at Hope that patients’ say makes all the difference. Most of the feedback we receive from patients have comments such as:

I now feel like I have someone in my corner, to help me.

My Counselor listened to me and prayed with me and that really encouraged me.

Receiving the resources for free at Hope made all the difference.

Julia recently visited the center she originally came to when she thought she might be pregnant. She came to share her story with us and introduce her daughter Aurora to us. Similar to the encouragement she received at Hope, she came to share her story in hopes that she might be an encouragement to current and future patients:

I was not happy with where I was in life and so when I found out I was pregnant, I was scared. I didn’t think I could provide a happy and healthy environment for my child.

I was not sure if the father of the baby and I could co-parent and create a safe home for her. This was a large pressure for me at the time.

My visit to Hope Women’s Centers helped me to have an open dialogue with the father of the baby and to see his commitment, which is what gave me the courage to choose life.

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat was emotional. It really helped to put life into perspective.

Hope Not Broken, patient story

For the past 30+ years, we have been providing free services and in the process, we have been helping women and men put back some of the broken pieces in their lives while helping them make informed decisions about their current unplanned pregnancies.

We believe that women and men are capable of making their own decisions when given accurate information. We acknowledge that our role is to empower women and men to make informed decisions by providing accurate information about their options. We believe hope can be restored in the midst of a unplanned pregnancy.

Thank you to our Partners in Hope. We could NOT do what we do without our supporting churches and individuals who give financially, through their time, and who pray for us.

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