God Remembers His People

She was young, eager, and giving life her all.

For justice and compassion for the voiceless, she stood tall.

But long she’d waited for promises to be fulfilled.

She grew weary until she remembered her God was good willed.

Have you ever felt the way this girl did? I recently heard a song that says, “[It] feels like standing on a runway watching everybody else fly by.” Can’t life feel like that at times? You look up quizzically wondering if God has forgotten you. Sometimes it’s easier believing in God for a miracle for someone else than it is for yourself.

But throughout the Bible, there are verses like this: “God remembered Noah”, “God remembered Abraham”, “God remembered Sarah”, “the Lord remembered Hannah” … Why do you think God says over and over again that He remembers His people?

Initially, it seems that if the Bible says “God remembered” that we’ve slipped out of God’s memory and then pop back in again. This is not the case. These words about God remembering proceeds God’s promised action on their behalf – working salvation, producing offspring, and so on. And did you notice, God, says them by name? Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Hannah. That’s who God is. He is a Father who remembers us. A father who is intimately acquainted with all our ways.

And it’s our job to remember that He remembers us and doesn’t forget His promises – even if it means waiting to see them fulfilled. God doesn’t do anything halfway. What God starts – HE WILL finish!

God has not overlooked you, your family, your circumstances. God knows exactly what you need in this season so that you will be ready for the next season. He also knows how little and how much you and I  can handle. He knows the people that need to be in our lives in a certain season, and He knows what people need to be out of our lives in other seasons.

God is working all the time – even when you cannot see His hand. He can do more in one second than we could do in a lifetime.

So, if you feel like you’re in a season of waiting for the promise God has given you, keep these tips in mind:

5 Things to Remember

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