Giving All Options

When Dominique came to us this year, she was already a single mom to a one-year old baby boy. On top of that, she had been to our centers before. She was overwhelmed and struggling. She had not been with the father of the baby for a while. She was shocked by her pregnancy. Although the father of the baby was somewhat supportive, he was seeing other women.

Dominique did not have much support from, not only the father of the baby, but also her own family. However, after her visit at Hope she said,

“[The staff] made me feel that it was okay if I didn’t have support. They said I could do it. They told me I had options – like adoption. But the thing that gave me courage to carry and parent was knowing that I had God on my side and He was with me in the struggle.”

Dominique said she found the staff at Hope to be very informative and inviting.

“I didn’t feel judged. They gave me all the options to be able to have my child.”

Dominique is expecting her newest baby September 2018.

Baby on the way!

If you are new to Hope Women’s Centers, our mission is to encourage and equip women and men to make informed decisions regarding unplanned pregnancies. We partner heavily within Broward County to help our patients with any additional services and resources they need. In our centers, our patients pay nothing to be seen, no matter how many times they come. We are able to assure our patients that we do not make money off of any decision they make in our centers. This brings peace of mind and trust that their wishes are heard and valued.

Although we do not refer or perform abortions in our medical centers, we do provide information about abortion. We let any patient that desires to have an abortion after they visit at Hope know they have rights as a patient, and we let them know that our doors are open for them whatever decision they make.

Through our abortion recovery programs: Hope Restored for women and Men of Hope for men, individuals are finding true freedom and healing from the pain of their abortions.  We offer a confidential, non-judgmental environment in which individuals can begin the healing process. We seek to support men and woman as they seek to understand the circumstances, thoughts, and emotions that surrounded their abortion(s).

When you support the work of Hope Women’s Centers, you impact lives like Dominique who had no solid support outside of those seeing her at our center. If you are already giving your time by volunteering in our centers and giving your finances to Hope Women’s Centers to help others receive similar hope, thank you. Our track record of successfully serving patients for over 30+ years would not exist without the incredible support of our volunteers and donors like you. Thank you.

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