Baby Bottle Campaigns

Your leftover change can save lives!

Every year from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, we run a very special (and fun!) Baby Bottle Campaign. It’s an easy way to use your spare change to make a huge difference in the lives of new moms and dads.

Take home one of our baby bottles and fill it with coins, bills, and checks to bless our patients who choose life for their unborn children. If you can’t make it out to get one of our bottles, just grab your own bottle or container (mason jars work great!) and fill it up. The bottles are also a great reminder to pray for the women and men we serve who are at-risk for an abortion. Pray for lives to be saved, changed, and transformed!


At the end of the campaign, the filled bottles are returned to Hope and the money is used to help new moms and dads that come to Hope Women’s Centers.

Some choose to do this campaign year-round: which works well for individuals, churches, schools, civic clubs and all other community organizations because it is so easy to implement! One bottle filled up with silver coins equals approximately $50. These consistent donations go a long way!

    1. You can schedule the campaign at a time that works for you and your group. Any time of year is a good time for churches and community groups to hold a baby bottle campaign.
    2. There is no conflict with other fundraising activities.
    3. It’s so easy and fun. We encourage the whole family to be involved.
    4. People simply put the coins in a bottle and return it when it’s full!
    5. A representative from Hope can come and make a brief presentation about Hope and feature stories of women who have been helped at Hope.

Start saving your change and start changing a life today! Bottles filled with coins, cash, and checks make a big difference for life!

Contact us today to get your bottles! 954-372-7089 or email us to pick up your baby bottles.

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