Discovering the Power of One Decision

She’d been with men before. She’d been on a road made up of one bad decision after another. Eventually, she found herself at a crossroads: take a risk, or stay submissive to those opposing God?

The woman I’m speaking of is Rahab. You know, the “prostitute.”

Rahab had a decision when the Israelite spies came into Jericho. Take a risk and hide them in her home, or, submit to the government and not allow them in? If Rahab was caught, she could have easily lost her life. But God protected her.

The women coming into our centers have a decision similar to Rahab’s. Take a risk protecting their babies or obey the voices that tell them to abort?

One bad decision has led them to another bad decision, and due to their situations, their path has taken them to a crossroads. What will their decision be? Will it better their lives or make things worse?  Many women think abortion is a solution, but the emotional trauma of an abortion never leaves a woman, and many deal with it for decades.

Michelle, a post-abortive mother said: “I hated myself. If I could have clawed my way out of my own skin – I would have.”

Many women find themselves at that crossroads in our centers.

At a recent staff meeting Rebecca (our Ft. Lauderdale Center Director), shared a statement that she frequently makes to her patients:

You are just one good decision away from turning your entire life around.

She went on to explain,

You all know that most women come into the centers feeling very hopeless and confused. Many don’t really want to abort, but they can’t see their way clear to having a baby, supporting a baby, and accomplishing their life goals. They are overwhelmed with so many decisions and they put pressure on themselves, thinking they need to make all the decisions that day. I try to help them focus on the life decision, because once they choose to carry their baby, they can follow that with one good decision after another. Sometimes one good decision is all it takes to turn a life around.

Each one of these women is unique, seen by God and loved by God. Just like He did with Rahab, He can redeem their lives. Rahab went from being a prostitute, to becoming the Great-Grandmother of King David. And ultimately, being in the same lineage of Christ’s earthly line. The power of one decision could literally change the destination of an entire family line and break strongholds and generational curses, opening the door to untold blessings.

Whatever you are facing, we encourage you to consider the power of just one decision. You may not be facing an unplanned pregnancy, but you have the same power to decide to change for the better that Rahab did so long ago, and that our patients have every day. Maybe it’s dating your spouse again to re-kindle your marriage. Maybe it’s spending more time with your kids. Maybe it’s forgiving the grudge you’ve been holding. Maybe it’s sacrificing your time for someone else. We are only promised today. Let’s not take today for granted.

We all have decisions we can make right now that could put us on a course to change the rest of our life! Let’s not waste a single opportunity!

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