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I recently came across a video of a young girl sharing her abortion experience.

She had gotten pregnant by her boyfriend and the first words he said to her after she’d taken a pregnancy test was, “Abortion, right?”

She went on to say that they had already discussed the “if” possibility of being pregnant in their relationship. But to have that as his first response hurt her.

What caught my attention was towards the end of this video when this young girl said:

The emotional aspect of it is hard sometimes… There are somedays that I really wonder… It’s especially hard for me because two of my friends got pregnant at the same time. They decided to carry on with their pregnancy and now they have bellies and are finding out the gender of their babies… Somedays I wish I were pregnant and I knew what the baby looked like. Would I be having a boy or a girl? What would my life be like right now? But then I look back on it and I spent the entire summer in Europe and did amazing things and I got to make a lot of money and enjoy my life…

The part that keeps coming back to me is, “I got to do amazing thingsmake lots of money.” You may be wondering why that stuck out to me. Our ultimate purpose in life is not about obtaining things. Our ultimate purpose in life is for relationships. A relationship with God and then with others. We are created for relationships. There is no doubt that we are also created to do amazing things, but it is because of ONE relationship that we are able to do those things. The ONE person who decided to create us – to create. The ONE that decided to have a relationship with us.

We are created in the image of relational God, so we are relational beings. If you think I am wrong, I’m pretty sure you could ask just about any single girl if she had to choose between backpacking Europe for the summer or finding the man of her dreams, she would choose the man of her dreams. Why? Because we are relational beings.

Doing THINGS, I believe is one of the greatest distractions to our relationship with God. I am sharing this because this is something I struggle with. It’s easier to do things than be in a relationship. Relationships are hard. They take risk, but I believe God created relationships to last a lifetime. Of course, they don’t always turn out that way because we live in a sin-cursed world, and we are fallen beings. But in heaven, there won’t be any more broken relationships. Divorce won’t exist. There won’t be a separation between a mother and her baby.

Relationships are the essence of life. And what we invest in our relationships here will carry on into eternity. I cannot wait until we get to heaven and see the patients God allowed us to impact. I can just imagine our patient, their child(ren), and our staff, volunteers and our Partners in Hope worshiping at the feet of our relational God.

Discover Relationships

About the author: Christi works as the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Hope Women’s Centers and also focuses on grant development. In her spare time you can find Christi training for her black belt in Karate, writing, and traveling to new places around the globe.

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