Discover Life is a Great Adventure

He was on his way to an extremely important business meeting in Denver. This meeting had been months in the making. Thousands of dollars were on the line. He was in desperate need of the funds to keep his business running.

Back up to a year ago, this man had created a platform. A non-profit organization who he’d been in touch with was interested in using it. He loved what they did, and he had a foundation willing to financially back this organization. It felt perfect; they needed him, he needed them, and the funding was there. He felt aligned with their mission and the work they were doing.

But, once the non-profit got the money from the foundation, they decided not to use him or his platform. He was devastated. He felt lost, forgotten like God somehow wasn’t in the details like he thought. He was counting on that money. Yet, for those grueling months, waiting for a break, God somehow still covered the employee’s salaries and the bills.

Some time passed, and this same non-profit organization contacted him and told him, “We are going to do it this time.” So, he got his stuff together to pitch his platform, yet again, but the non-profit backed out – for the SECOND time! However, when he pitched his platform this time, there was another non-profit organization on the conference call who was interested in his work. Which is why he was flying to Denver.

So, on his way to Denver, he had a layover in Dallas. Wouldn’t you know it, a huge hail storm rolled in and grounded ALL the flights at DFW Airport! He doubted if this meeting could be rescheduled. It had taken weeks to line up everyone’s schedule for the first meeting. He was frustrated and confused. He prayed, as in really prayed. And then he thought of people he knew in Dallas. He remembered a CEO he had been talking with on and off for the past two years (with little to no real business coming from it). But, the CEO was busy. Instead, he met with the CIO and COO. To him, it didn’t seem like much of a meeting.

A few weeks after the failed attempt to sell his platform in Denver, the organization in Dallas contacted him. They asked if he could build a platform for them that would facilitate communications between their volunteers and people who want to know more about Jesus. They were about to close a deal with someone else but thought they would ask if he’d be interested in building the platform instead. His company built a prototype in a week and secured the deal. It was this prototype that set this man’s company on an entirely different trajectory. It was never the original path that he intended to take.

Today, this platform is now being used by ministries all over the world to talk to people about Jesus. His company has facilitated over 1,870,525 conversations (over 9,839,663 messages) all over the world.

This man’s story reminds us of a quote:

If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting.

It’s not long after we launch into adulthood that we discover life is an adventure.

Sometimes we have “adventures” that are wonderful and other times, they aren’t so pleasant. Like hail storms canceling important business meeting, or a “hold” on a build-out, or a rejection letter when we desperately needed an acceptance letter. Yet somehow despite the ups and downs, God sustains us. This is what we are holding on to.

Just last week, Nancy, our President/CEO, went to our Pembroke Pines center to check on the drawn-out build-out process. As she was inspecting, her husband, who accompanied her, called her over to the window. As Nancy looked out the window, she saw over a dozen bird eggs, “Look” he said, “This is a place of life.”

Discover Life is a Great Adventure

We are opening this Pines center soon, and we have no idea how God is going to use it. Or, what He is orchestrating in the delays. We can clearly see the battle, but we cannot see the blessing. Just like my friend who saw the hail storm, but not the redirection.

Whatever we may be facing, we discover life is an adventure with twists and turns, ups and downs.

BUT GOD! He is orchestrating every step – even the hard ones.

Our real blessings often appear to us in the shape of pains, losses, and disappointments; but let us have patience and we soon shall see them in their proper figures. – Joseph Addison

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