Discover God’s Timing

Have you ever noticed how nothing happens the way we think it will? For example, we get the job, but it’s not the one we expected. We have our needs met, but not the way we anticipated it. Or, maybe we get to where we needed to be, but it was not where we thought it’d be. Life is full of twists, turns and detours; yet, God’s timing is in the midst of it all.

Timing is an interesting phenomenon. You need the right timing for your car to run properly. Your heart’s electrical system controls the timing of your heartbeat. How does that saying go? “Timing is everything.”

This is not only true in life, but also in every single one of our centers.

A few weeks ago, in our monthly staff meeting, one of our center directors said, “God always works out the timing.” She continued to tell us what she meant.

“A woman, who was considering abortion, asked for an ultrasound. When I looked at the schedule, it was full. So, I went to the nurse to see if she could fit this patient into her schedule. She told me that she had a cancellation, so she could. The patient was able to have an ultrasound and left the center saying she was going to carry and parent. We had the exact same thing happen later that afternoon.”

Our center director said, “I always pray over the schedule and submit it to God. He knows who needs to be seen.”

We may think we know what we need and when we need it done, but so many things can change in a single day and even in a single hour.

God is orchestrating each one of our lives.

Discover God’s Timing

We all face times when we are unsure if God is actually working.

Maybe your struggle is navigating a rocky marriage or a wayward child. Or, maybe you’re trying to navigate an extended period of singleness, or an extended period of unemployment. Maybe it’s a loss of a dream. You name it. Sometimes it is a challenge to discover God’s timing in the midst of our lives.

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “not now?” Sometimes it’s in the “not now” season that we look back later and see that God was weaving things and people in and out of your life to prepare you for something you needed in the future. Timing is a hard thing to wrestle with, but even if we understand it all, God is in the midst of each one of our circumstances. My encouragement to us all is to practice the pause and know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be – even if it’s hard to be there.

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