Discover An Expectant Heart

She arrived back at her Grandmother’s house beaten down from a full day of childcare; but more than that, she’d been beaten down by life. In an instant, her world seemed to have crumbled. She lost her previous job, her house, and her status in the business world. Because she didn’t have much education, the only job she could find now was in childcare. She could do it but working with children was not her passion.

As she got into her bedroom that her Grandmother graciously lets her stay in rent-free until she could get back on her feet, she looked to her right and saw a piece of mail for her sitting on top of her dresser. She put down her lunch box, purse and water bottle and opened the card.

Dear Abi,

I don’t know the magnitude of loss you’ve experienced this
year, but I wanted you to know how loved you are. I miss seeing
you in the office every day, but I know God is going to do
great things with you. You are so gifted and there’s a
reason for all the disappointment and loss. I hope in
this season, you will be able to rest in Him. Let Him
guide you. As C.S Lewis said: “There are far, far
better things ahead than any we leave behind.”
Praying for you, friend!


As she wiped the tears from her eyes, she set the card on the bed and glanced at the front of the card. She’s missed it in her eagerness to read the card. It read, “Expect great things for God. Attempt great things for God.” –William Carey. Again, she began to cry, but this time, it was because she began to feel hope return.

Have you ever found yourself in this woman’s shoes? Maybe it was a failed marriage or a loss that left you completely wiped out with your back on the floor. It is only in that position where you are left with no other option than to look up. Not knowing what your next step should be can be a terrifying position to be in, but you’re not alone.

It’s often in those positions that God is teaching us to lean into Him because we may have no other place to lean. Little by little, we come to the realization that we can expect God to be with us. And little by little those dreams, desires and giftings start to surface. We begin to expect good things, and then, great things and then God gives us the strength to attempt those things.

I think too often, we get stuck only looking up. We aren’t sure how to get up. We think that one small step or one change in our schedule or change in our attitude won’t amount to anything. We get stuck thinking we will never be good enough. If all this has happened to me then I must not be worth it. While all along God and our great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1) are cheering us on. Encouraging us to lay aside some of our hurts and wounds. Of course, they will still hurt, but surrendering them means we are not carrying them alone.

We only have one life to live, just like our patients have one life to live. We want to be an expectant people. We want to have expectant hearts because God can do more with us than we tend to want to do for ourselves. My challenge to us all is to ask God for an expectant heart. Then watch and see how He directs your steps!

It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

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