Courageous Decision

Victoria was nineteen when she went into Hope Women’s Centers for a pregnancy test. At the time, Victoria had family and relationship issues going on. She was scared. She also had financial pressure knowing she would have to move out of her mom’s house, also not knowing if the father of the baby would step up or back off.

The patient advocate reminded Victoria that this baby was a blessing. Victoria said, “She made me feel normal.” Victoria found the courage to carry when she saw her ultrasound.

I saw my baby for the first time. Seeing her little body and heartbeat gave me courage to choose life.

Victoria said, “Hope is a wonderful place that will help you every step of the way.” Victoria recently came back to our enter for our annual photoshoot where she shared her story and introduced us to her beautifully baby girl Aubriella.

It is always easier to look back and see how things worked out in someone’s story but while our patients are walking through their crisis, with almost all patients not planning on being pregnant at the time of their visit, it is very difficult for them to process any time period further out from where they are. This is why we offer: free and confidential services that help patients to make informed decisions including limited ultrasounds and STI Testing and Treatment, options counseling, and helpful referrals in the community. It is in the counseling and ultrasound rooms where patients make courageous decisions everyday, choosing against all odds in their story to give their unborn children LIFE!

For the last 30+ years we have been helping thousands of women with free and confidential support. Through our Men of Hope program we have men in our centers ready to meet with the partners of our patients. We make no money off of any decisions made by patients. As a trusted source for pregnancy verification our goal for each patient is that patients would be fully informed and know all their options to make informed decisions.

When you know of someone who finds themselves overwhelmed with the possibility of being pregnant, send them to Hope. 

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