Discover Hope Today

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Discover Hope Today

“Where there’s HOPE, there’s LIFE. It fills us with FRESH COURAGE and makes us STRONG” – Anne Frank Anne Frank was only 15 years only when she died of Typhus in a Nazi concentration camp on March 12th, 1945. Yet, despite her age, her wisdom went far beyond her years. You may not be in a concentration camp, but I can almost guarantee, at one time or another, you’ve felt trapped, stuck, or confused.  Inevitably, that led you to feeling hopeless. Hope is something we …

Inspired and Everything Changed

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Aspen's Story

Aspen always wanted her own family, so when she learned her pregnancy test was positive, she was elated.  Initially, she wasn’t really concerned with much but as her pregnancy progressed things proved to be more challenging than she anticipated. She battled with knowing if she’d be able to care for her baby. She also battled depression. But, she remembered what her Client Advocate reminded told her: “once you hold your little one for the first time everything will change.” Aspen agreed, “it did” she told …

Discover Your Potential

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Discover Your Potential

She was walking through the familiar street gaining stares from everyone she passed. Her clothes were torn, her hair was knotted, and her sandals were hanging by a single strand. Her knees were scrapped and bleeding. Her eyes – bloodshot. The smell exuding from her was foul. Not one of her “admirers” (aka her former “neighbors”) stopped to ask her of her condition. That is until one man, who was not like the rest, walked up to her and asked, “Do you need any assistance?” …

Such a Sad Day

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Women protesting outside of Hope

Today history was made at Hope Women’s Centers as we became the target of an organized protest. From 11am-1pm today, a small crowd gathered outside our new Ft. Lauderdale Clinic with signs, bullhorns, and false accusations. Our Center Director faced them with calmness, with grace, and extended kindness to them – even offering bottles of water. When she left the reception room to get the water, they ducked out the door. No conversation. Later in the day, we found these photos online and as I looked …

Summer is over. School is back in session.

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Back to school letter from mom to daughter

Summer is over and your student is back to school. You are beginning to get your family back into the routine of a non-summer schedule and the new normal is starting to sink in, well at least starting to (coffee helps!). In the hustle of getting all the last minute school supplies when, let’s be real, many stores began not only running out of the exact supplies you needed from the list given by the school, but many stores also looked like a paper tornado had come through making it …