The world has been turned upside down and women and their babies are at a greater risk for abortion than ever before. Lost jobs and COVID-19 have sparked fear in pregnant women, driving them to abortion clinics but we know there is an alternative. There is help, hope, and resources available.

Would you fill a baby bottle with coins, paper bills, a check, or give your gift online, to help a woman receive the life-affirming services she needs to make an informed decision? Would you help us meet the need in our community? Your gift will be matched July 1 through July 15, up to $20,000. 

  • $15 – Medical Pregnancy Test
  • $60 – Options Counseling
  • $80 – STI Testing & Treatment
  • $250 – Limited OB Ultrasound
  • $400 – Provides a woman with all services

Can you sponsor one?

With everything going on, we need to make sure we can reach women considering an abortion and help them choose life for their children. Our clinics have received hundreds of calls this month making the need abundantly clear. Click here to watch one of our most recent patients share her story.

Your gift ensures that young women facing pregnancy decisions hear the truth about their options and their baby.

Your gift turns fear into HOPE.

Our goal is to help 300 abortion determined women this summer. *

Will you please consider joining the Summer Match Baby Bottle Challenge by making a tax-deductible online gift so that we can all continue to help save lives?  

Need a baby bottle? They can be picked up at our administrative office or we can mail one directly to you, give us a call at 954-372-7089.


*This campaign is to kick-start reaching the first 50 abortion-minded patients.