New Hope Websites

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New Hope Websites

OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW: OUR WEBSITES GOT A MAKEOVER. We have always had two websites: one for patients and one for friends and partners of Hope (donors, volunteers and advocates of Hope). Over the years we have been asked why we have two websites. The answer: we recognized from the very beginning that our patients and our donors/advocates desire two totally different conversations and to put them in the same space would only confuse the two, especially the young woman who does …

Do Men Have the Freedom To Choose?

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Men at Hope

We hear a lot about freedom of choice. The piece of information that most unmarried men are surprised by is that they don’t have a choice at all regarding decisions about their unborn children. I met a young man who came to our office one day, looking for help. When I asked him what he needed, he broke down and cried as he told me that he feared his girlfriend was on her way to an abortion clinic at that very moment to terminate the …