Young and at a Crossroads

Taneya came to us at a crossroads in her story. As young woman, she heard about Hope online and quickly connected with us hoping to find out her fear of being pregnant was a false alarm.

I found Hope Women’s Centers online and was thankful to have a place I could walk-in the same day, not needing to have an appointment. When I found out I was pregnant after the positive pregnancy test and ultrasound verification, I felt pressure related to finances as my partner thought it was not an option for us to live at either of our parents’ house with a child. I was not even working at the time.

Hope highlighted positive components of my life such as an involved father of my child and the involvement of my family. While I felt even then happy to be blessed with the ability to have a baby girl named Aryana (picture below), I looked up to my parents who I consider my heroes. I did not want to let them down but I thought of them when I made the decisions to have my baby. I thought ‘what would mommy and daddy do?’

As with many of our patients, walk-ins often provide relief to patients feeling very anxious and worried. We recognize that for patients, having an answer and someone to speak with that day sometimes makes the difference whether they will choose to have an abortion or not. Often women and men need a safe place they can openly share their concerns. We find that when we spend time with our patients going over their goals and dreams, they can momentarily look past their current state of fear and make decisions with the future in mind.

Baby Aryana

Taneya’s story also highlights the importance of parents to model a healthy relationship for their children. If your child(ren) are part of the 23.6% (17.4 million) children that live in a father-absent home,* continue to talk to them about healthy relationships and what they should look for in a partner. Your children are watching you and looking to you as a role model.

Studies have shown that the most influential person on a woman’s decision to carry or abort is the baby’s father, with the mother of the patient coming in at number three, behind a medical professional. Moms AND dads, your opinions matter greatly to your children.**

PARENTS: Did your teen tell you that they are pregnant and you not sure what you should do? All of our patient resources are on our patient website at HopeWomensCenters.com. We are here to help her and him and we are here for you. Give any of our medical centers a call.

We are so thankful for our Partners in Hope who pray for Hope and give their time and finances so more patients will be reached in Broward County!

*SOURCE: U.S Census Bureau (2015)

**SOURCE: Study of Women Who Have Had an Abortion & Their Views on Church




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