An Unexpected Journey

Alicia was already a mother to five children and had just gotten out of a bad relationship when she made her way to Hope. Her pregnancy test came back as positive and she was overwhelmed.

Alicia was contemplating abortion because she only had a seasonal job and five other mouths to feed. But when she spoke with one of our Patient Advocates they said, “what is the difference this time?” speaking of the other kids. That helped Alicia. “It made me realize I’ve made it this far [with 5 kids], why not give this baby a chance.” She also knew God brings forth life and who was she to take it?

Alicia said that prayer and faith gave her the courage to carry this baby to term. The Hope staff helped remind her that God was not going to leave her.

When patients come to Hope, they often feel like the circumstances in their season are overwhelming, often including little support from family and little to no tangible resources. Local individuals and churches can donate gift cards to Hope or throw a baby shower for a couple of our patients, showing them that God is providing for them and that there are people that want to help support them. These acts of kindness go the extra mile to touch the hearts of patients, especially when they learn that people who do not even know them are willing to invest in their life.

Consider donating a gift card to bless a patient or perhaps you are interested in gathering a group of friends together to throw a baby shower for a couple of our patients. Contact us and we will walk you through how to do this successfully.

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